Safety 2

A Safe Hydraulic Gangway

The Cylinder Service Centre is now part of the Benebecula Group and is now able to extend the reach of the business – especially in the marine and offshore industries.

With Piper Alpha and Deepwater Horizon still fresh in living memory, health and safety at offshore and industrial installations has never been more important.

Of course paying attention to health and safety goes well beyond preventing enormous explosions and is often a matter of small details.

Beyond the terrible consequences associated with the loss of life, limb or faculties to site workers, the cost of an accident also includes potential physical plant damage and injury claims. The company’s reputation is also likely to suffer – who would want to work for a company that has little regard for the welfare of its employees?

Traditionally all areas of the marine industry have had a long standing reputation for being full of dangerous working environments. This is not just about the nature of the work, but also a reflection of the attitude of management. This is now changing.

Hydraulic Gangway

‘Reputation is also a key consideration for companies … There definitely is a greater awareness.’ says Ken McDonald, managing director of Tyne Gangway – part of the Benbecula Group. ‘Providing safe and reliable access to tankers is a growing market and it is a substantial one to be in.’

Established in 1934 Tyne Gangway (Structures) made a name for itself in manufacturing aluminium gangways and accommodation ladders at key ports worldwide.

In 2011 the company was acquired by Lift-Rite Engineering Services – a specialist provider of lifting equipment and other safety related engineering solutions. The combined business could manufacture and supply more complex access systems such as crane deployed systems and hydraulic gangways.

Now part of the Benbecula Group (since October 2017), the business has the support and expertise of The Cylinder Service Centre to draw upon for its hydraulic engineering and we have access to their expertise on the more advanced fabrication work.

Capitalising on its past success, Tyne Gangway is keen to grow further and extend its profile in the energy and marine markets as part of the Benbecula Group. With a particular focus on the port and storage terminal industries The Cylinder Service Centre will be supporting Tyne Gangway as they are now supporting us on our growth programme.

Part of this growth includes further enhancements to Tyne Gangway’s bespoke range of access systems. All of these are compliant with leading international standards that include: Lloyds, BV, ABS, KR and DNV-GL.

Benbecula Group CEO, Ally MacDonald said: ‘‘Everything evolves from a simple gangway and there are so many different types of access systems available. We design many bespoke products based on the customer’s needs and we continually invest in adding more products into our range. We recently completed an order for a bespoke, hydraulic access gangway for an Antarctic research vessel and are currently working on a system for an iron ore terminal in Trinidad and Tobago.’

Talking about the Benbecula Group overall, including The Cylinder Service Centre, Mr MacDonald went on to say: ‘Our ‘buy and build strategy’ focuses on niche businesses with a focus on solving customer problems. We bring a different perspective to each of the businesses by creating more opportunities for them with more focus on business development. It is a synergistic package to ultimately help solve customer problems.’

It is early days for The Cylinder Service Centre as part of the Benbecula Group, but we have already seen substantial benefits in working with the other businesses.

Supporting Tyne Gangways is just one part of that story and we look forward to further growth and development opportunities on the journey ahead.