Subsea Expo 2019

Deep Dive for The Cylinder Service Centre

The Cylinder Service Centre took a deep dive into the world of off-shore oil and gas exploration this week with a trip to the Subsea Expo in Aberdeen.

With more than 6,500 business visitors over 3 days the Subsea Expo is a very important event in the calendar of the oil and gas industry. Including around 170 stands the Subsea Expo is the world’s largest subsea exhibition and conference.

The oil and gas industry has been recovering in recent months after a long spell of over production affecting the industry after the financial crash. Although the future outlook will still be volatile there are some very postive signs.

Just recently Shell has decided to invest in the Penguins field redevelopment. This will be its first newly staffed installation in the northern North Sea for almost 30 years.

The Cylinder Service Centre has been serving the oil and gas industry for many years and we do alot of business around Aberdeen. We too have seen a positive effect on our business in this sector over the last year, but believe there is much greater potential for us.

Subsea Expo 2019
Ally Macdonald and Bob Taylor on the Subsea NE Stand

The big difference this year is that we are now part of the Benbecula Group and so the range and depth of services we can offer our customers is now so much greater.

We decided to take this message to Aberdeen this year as part of the Subsea North East stand. This stand was presenting the very best of North East subsea businesses to the industry and we are very proud to be part of that group.

The picture shows the stand with Group CEO Ally MacDonald fourth from left and The Cylinder Service Centre General Manager Bob Taylor far right. In between them are Greg Robinson MD of TyneTec Engineering, Allan Cairns MD of Tynegangway and Allan Robertson Lift Rite Sales Manager.

On getting back from the exhibition Bob Taylor said ‘This was a very good exhibition for us and we have come back with a number of very good leads for the Cylinder Service Centre and the group overall’.

This is an exciting time for our business as the oil and gas offshore market is recovering just when we have so much more to offer it.