Improved Commercial Vehicle Repairs Facility

Vehicle maintenance and commercial vehicle repairs has long been an important part of The Cylinder Service Centre business.

So much so, that we have a dedicated maintenance bay on the side of the main factory and have dealerships or supplier relationships with all of the major component manufacturers.

However, there has been a limitation to the capability in that we have not been able to do any serious work under the vehicle.

That has all changed this month as we now have a new maintenance pit that makes it so much easier to carry out service work under the vehicle.

This allows us to provide additional services as part of regular maintenance routines such as oil and oil filter changes, or LOLER inspections.

Other inspections such as regular 12 weekly inspections are also now much easier and can be combined with steam cleaning.

This cleans the vehicle underneath to remove things like corrosive salt – especially in the winter. A clean vehicle underneath is also easier to inspect and difficult problems easier to find.

With all areas of the vehicle accessible, a full grease is easier and makes good sense as part of regular service routines.

But, the best of preventive maintenance routines cannot always prevent the odd catasrophic failure and this is especially true when any sort of lifting gear is involved.

Commercial vehicle repairs can be especially tricky if you cannot reach all parts of the vehicle. Now with the new maintenance pit we can get under the vehicle making it so much easier and faster to make repairs.

With secure hard surface parking on The Cylinder Service Centre campus, a heavy lifting crane over the top of the maintenance area and the new maintenance pit, we are now fully equipped to offer a comprehensive vehicle maintenance and repair service.

Click on this link to find out more about our commercial vehicle repairs and maintenance services.