Mobile Maintenance Services

Mobile Maintenance Service Upgraded

The Cylinder Service Centre is well known in the North East for its expertise in Hydraulic Services.

Mobile Maintenance Services

What is less well known is that we have a mobile unit that can come out on site to assist with a range of maintenance service issues.

This facility has been in place almost as long as the business itself, but we have recently upgraded the vehicle we use to provide an even better service.

For example, having a hose repaired or replaced on-site by our mobile unit makes sure the repair happens quickly and is right – saving both time and money.

We also can assist with more complex decomissioning and comissioning of hydraulic equipment where it can be really very useful to have an expert pair of hands or two when and where they are really needed.

In particular, removing seized units can be especially problematic and heavy duty cutting with our thermic lancing equipment is often the only solution.

The mobile unit is also there to support commercial vehicle servicing. This covers a wide range of requirements from hookloaders and skip loaders to scissor lifts and tipping gears.

This work also covers LOLER testing so that repair and standards compliance can be dealt with at the same time.

Further details of the mobile service can be found on the Mobile Maintenance Services page.